Names for my short film
Hey guys, just wanted to talk about my new short film that will hopefully come out by spring break, (sorry for the delay) blame the weather. Anyway I mainly posted this topic for name ideas. The film is an action film where were mostly running. So if you know of any cool names leave a comment below.

My new External hardrive
I got a new external hard drive for my laptop that holds up to 500 gigabytes of storage. Post a comment if you think it was a good idea.

Trap code Serials
Post Your Trap Code Serials here

Making A new Project for School
So a few days ago I was assigned to a project where we had to make a music video for the topic we were going over which was the Constitution. We have our group what we don't have the song to go to. We were going to use the song "Teach me how to Duggy" but You guys can help with the name if you want just post it under "Names for music video" in my forum.



My new short film
If you don't know this already, I am making a short film Called Speeding Daylight. Yeah I know, the name is a little corny. I couldn't think of anything else. That's where you guys can come in. If you have any original ideas for names, please add them in my forum or you can message me them at Sportsfan1100 on YouTube.



Becomming A partner
A lot of people were messaging me on how I became a YouTube partner. They were also asking me for the requirements.

So Let me get started. first of all, not everyone can become a YouTube partner. You have to have certain requirements. here they are:

- at least 5,000 channel views

- 100,000 video views (from all of your videos combined)

- 500 Subscribers

- you must upload videos frequently (3 videos every few weeks)

- you have to have some traffic coming to your channel

- Have to have your own Google Adsnese account